Family Time – Aug 1 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“… ___ nation under God …” ONE
“How low can you go” contest LIMBO
“I see you hiding over there!” AHA
“It goes ___ there and comes out here” INTO
Air safety org FAA
Alda of “M*A*S*H” ALAN
Any Montreal street RUE
Appropriate attachment for “fix” PRE
Baked taro food POI
Being a pioneer TRAILBLAZING
Birthed a litter WHELPED
Brewed drink TEA
Bridge-crossing payment TOLL
Bring to a successful conclusion END
Catchall abbr MISC
Classic bus rider Parks ROSA
Common tree variety ELM
Dalai ___ LAMA
Does stunning things AWES
Footnote abbr IBID
Forbidden thing NONO
Get more mature, as cheese AGE
Green garden vegetable PEA
Having superior hotel amenities RITZIER
Hide ___ hair NOR
High, easy toss LOB
Hit the dirt at third SLIDE
Inescapable outcome FATE
Letters after “ems” ENS
Like a man who says he’s been to Mars LIAR
Like fish you didn’t clean well BONY
Like some old buckets, material-wise OAKEN
Like tempting food (2 words) MOUTHWATERING
Loses color over time FADES
Make hair pink, say DYE
Midge or punkie flyer GNAT
Missing from a military base AWOL
Moms or mamas MAS
Newton fruit FIG
Not excluded from (2 words) INON
Old-style lab burner ETNA
One courted by NCAA coaches RECRUIT
Otherwise ELSE
Pakistani’s neighbor AFGHANI
Pass judgment DEEM
Savings vehicle for many IRA
Sci-fi sighting UFO
Sharp single to left field (2 words) BASEHIT
Shoe digits TOES
Snatched TOOK
Something puppies and babies have ADORABLENESS
Spoken out loud ORAL
Strip of equipment UNRIG
Type of cushion PIN
U-turn from “hers” HIS
Use a beanbag chair SIT
Wash the shampoo out RINSE
Well-qualified to do the job ABLE
West African nation NIGERIA
What fans and pigs do ROOT
Worker behind the plate UMP

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