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Family Time – Aug 10 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Hammerin’ Hank” in baseball’s Hall of Fame AARON
“The Little Red Hen” reply (2 words) NOTI
“Watch it!” HEY
“__ the season …” TIS
“___ a beautiful day in the neighborhood” ITS
907,185 grams TON
A certain male farm animal RAM
Abbreviation on tires PSI
Abraham Lincoln onstage ROLE
Acquire more items for, as a collection (2 words) ADDTO
Adam was his father SETH
Afire, as a candle LIT
African country of 15.5 million CHAD
After the fashion of ALA
Almost fat-free, as beef LEAN
Any 21-year-old dude MAN
Arranges logically SORTS
Big name in cookies OREO
Blaze remnant ASH
Bro’s sibling SIS
Cheerios grains OATS
Chef’s appliance OVEN
Cherry part PIT
Chum or worms BAIT
Class for a 4-year-old PREK
Cold grass coating HOAR
Comply with, as orders OBEY
Coveted 12-Across LEAD
Duffer’s scoring achievement PAR
Easy things to multiply by TENS
Electrically charged particle ION
Farming technique for seasoned farmers (2 words) CROPROTATION
Female choir voice ALTO
Freedom from activity REST
Had pork rinds with mustard ATE
Home ground HABITAT
Hospitable invitation SIT
Hot treats south of the border TAMALES
Is in ownership of HAS
It’s the write thing PEN
K) Can material TIN
King’s term of address SIRE
Legendary story MYTH
Like embarrassing pants? SPLIT
Metals-in-the-rough ORES
Mustard family plant CRESS
Nearly all MOST
Neverland’s Peter PAN
Not tops BOTTOMS
Notwithstanding DESPITE
Pal of Piglet and Winnie ROO
Part of a tractor trailer CAB
Peace-ful bird? DOVE
Perform alone SOLO
Polka ending? DOT
Rolled cube DIE
Signaled “thumbs up” OKD
Sponge or skin hole PORE
Swamp critter with many teeth CROC
Timely safe haven (4 words) PORTINASTORM
Tire in need of air FLAT
Totally lacking moisture DRY
Toward the rear, Captain AFT
Where pins are made MAT
Wind quintet instrument OBOE
Window divisions PANES