Family Time – Aug 15 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“A ___ coincidence” MERE
“Star Wars” character’s first name HAN
Animated Charlie on a can TUNA
Audible range EARSHOT
Beam from the sun RAY
Brought on staff HIRED
Chinchilla’s coat FUR
Church that is associated with a monastery ABBEY
Cinnamon breakfast item BUN
Common baker OVEN
Common pronoun SHE
Crafted or created MADE
Creature from China PANDA
Dishonest scheme SCAM
Do a post office job SORT
Donkey feature TAIL
Educational institute option (2 words) CHARTERSCHOOL
Flying kite’s domain SKY
Get excessively nosy PRY
Gives a slingshot to ARMS
Gout location TOE
Had shrimp fettuccine ATE
Hot brewed drink TEA
Huge story EPIC
Human that needs to be Pampered BABY
In favor of FOR
Incision evidence SCAR
Kids’ building constructions FORTS
Like anyone born in 1901 OLD
Like harder-won victories SWEETER
Long-living insect queen ANT
Longbow wood YEW
Lose intensity ABATE
Make a bold declaration AVOW
Marriage or baptism RITE
Nondairy eggs ROE
Not “to,” the opposite FRO
Not wild, as a horse TAME
Part of ICU UNIT
Particle accelerators (2 words) ATOMSMASHERS
Pin for hanging a hat PEG
Rain extremely hard TEEM
Really peculiar ODD
Schedule, as a guest speaker BOOK
Shy in a playful way COY
Singers, jugglers and dancers ENTERTAINERS
Slippery and frozen ICY
Slippery catches EELS
Sword sport EPEE
Take someone to court SUE
Teenage facial breakout ACNE
Thing fed daily PET
Throw to a T-baller TOSS
Tropic locales ISLES
Unruly crowds MOBS
Uppermost HIGHEST
V-shaped carvings NOTCHES
What an angry tiger may do ROAR
What police officers uphold LAW
Words before “good example” SETA

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