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Family Time – Aug 16 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“… riding ___ pony” (2 words) ONA
“…a ___ coincidence” MERE
“As ___ our agreement” PER
“That air conditioning feels good!” AAH
“To thine ___ self be true” OWN
“___ a beautiful day in the neighborhood” ITS
“___ Jones and the Last Crusade” INDIANA
19th letter of the Greek alphabet TAU
60 percent of V III
Afire, as a candle LIT
Arranges, as sails SETS
Barn door busters RAMS
Bit of leftover watermelon waste SEED
Borderlines EDGES
Clinches, as a victory ICES
Craved water THIRSTED
Cry of deep regret ALAS
Dashboard reading, for short RPM
Destroys office documents, in a way SHREDS
Egg of a louse NIT
Every one EACH
Exercise units REPS
Fishy creature with no scales EEL
Foolish old person COOT
Good answer to hear YES
Good steak rating? AONE
Grocery store convenience BAG
Huge Arctic bird (2 words) SNOWOWL
Lamb’s mom EWE
Language spoken in Kenya SWAHILI
Letters for a loan? IOU
Like a back wanting kneading SORE
Long-legged wading birds IBISES
Longtime members of the bar? SOTS
Look with amazement GAPE
Makes a strong response to something REACTS
Marine eagle ERNE
Maui necklace LEI
Military unit on foot INFANTRY
No place in it is more than 75 miles from the 31-Across ENGLAND
Novelty “pet” with green hair CHIA
Old Testament prophet ISAIAH
One of Santa’s reindeer COMET
One of the tenses PAST
Plant of the water lily family LOTUS
Santa ___ winds ANA
Sheltered from the wind, to a sailor ALEE
Small battery ltrs AAA
Small parts of NASA’s shuttle ORINGS
Soil-related prefix AGRO
Source of a shed in the house? PET
Suffer without NEED
The highest point possible ACME
Thing seeking a bull’s-eye DART
Things for kids to connect DOTS
Thins flour SIFTS
Three times THRICE
Tire type RADIAL
Totals SUMS
Vast saltwater lake SEA
Was forced to stand in line WAITED
Where Adam lived for a while EDEN
___-fi SCI