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Family Time – Aug 16 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
”I guess so” YES
”Results ___ vary” MAY
”___-la-la…” TRA
According to (2 words) ASPER
Acid variety AMINO
Angel’s accessory in paintings HALO
Back then AGO
Belonging to the wife HERS
Belts in a barber shop STRAPS
Bound or spring LEAP
Clickable thing ICON
Contend for superiority VIE
Defensive structure in ”The Star-Spangled Banner” RAMPART
Disagreement on the small side SPAT
Down east, strangely, in the US MAINE
Dropper’s shout OOPS
From Japan ASIAN
From whence to drive golf balls TEE
Guinness World Records suffix EST
Have a lapse in judgment ERR
Hexagon or square, for example SHAPE
Hors d’oeuvre food, often CHEESE
Huge total SLEW
It has a North and South KOREA
Keyboard stars? ASTERISKS
Lady one EVE
Last name among boxing legends ALI
Least puzzling EASIEST
Lemon – pie link MERINGUE
Lessens or subtracts from DECREASES
Listening with eyes darting to and fro ALERT
Mates of mamas PAPAS
Microwavable meal (2 words) TVDINNER
Milk supplier, but not a cow EWE
Mimicked APED
Mole in the bushes? SPY
Nambia-to-Kenya dir ENE
New (Prefix) NEO
Non-stick pan spray brand PAM
Not even a single one NONE
November tuber YAM
One not required to finish a sentence PAROLEE
Police officer’s shout from outside (2 words) OPENUP
Related to 3-Across OVINE
Royal Norway name OLAV
Sailor’s domain SEA
Secures HAS
Shells and cannonballs AMMO
Sister of Erato CLIO
The iguana in your room PET
To distinguish or elevate ENNOBLE
Troublemaking little kid IMP
Type of list for a manager TODO
Very common greeting HELLO
Wear away, as shoreline ERODE
What many do nightly PRAY
What Sicilians are ITALIANS
What to do after a tough loss (2 words) MOVEON
What you can find worms in MUD
Winter heat provider STOVE
Word of departure BYE