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Family Time – Aug 19 2018

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Clues Answers
“I’ll second that” in church AMEN
“Too bad” feeling PITY
1/8 cup OUNCE
Airbag complement (2 words) SEATBELT
Any real thing ENTITY
Approach NEAR
Attachment to “trooper” PARA
Barber’s powder TALC
Believing one can do something (2 words) SELFCONFIDENT
Bowler’s place LANE
Box at an opera LOGE
Comic strip penguin OPUS
Common beverage TEA
Cookie type OREO
Cute zoo “bear” PANDA
Declare void ANNUL
Deep anger IRE
Disk in an engine CAM
Every restaurant has one RESTROOM
Evidence of a fire ASH
Express indifference SHRUG
Farm home STY
Fill to capacity SATE
Fly like a eagle SOAR
Follow, as the rules OBEY
Form of “to be” ARE
Function USE
Goings-on, old-style ADO
Golf club choice IRON
High rating AONE
Huge party BASH
It’s not right LEFT
Land in the water ISLE
Lascivious look LEER
Of the nervous system NEURAL
Opera solo ARIA
Opposite of all NONE
Opposite of love HATE
Origin of an invention IDEA
Pad site on a dog PAW
Part of the eye IRIS
Pecans and others NUTS
Pen filler INK
Pigeon home COTE
Place for a kite SKY
Place with many cars LOT
Porcelain pitcher EWER
Powerful zoo creature APE
Prefix with “freeze” ANTI
Qatari big shot EMIR
Related to the city URBAN
Resort hotel luxury feature SPA
Sanctuary OASIS
Squeezing snake BOA
Stocking-up time? NOEL
Striker’s foe SCAB
Successful hockey shot GOAL
Sudden attack RAID
Sylvester the Cat’s speech problem LISP
Talk on and on YAK
Tiny pond organism ALGA
Veggie in a shooter? PEA
What Salk conquered POLIO
Where the nape is NECK
___ off (repel) FEND
___-tac-toe TIC