Family Time – Aug 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
$$$ dispenser ATM
”Break time!” old-school (2 words) TAKETEN
”Bunnies” under a bed DUST
”Hermit” crustacean creature CRAB
”I see you! You can’t hide from me” AHA
”Oh, alright already” OKAY
B-ball league that once rivaled the NBA ABA
Baby’s lifeline in the womb (2 words) UMBILICALCORD
Be a tattletale BLAB
Becomes Betsy Ross for a little while ACTS
Brilliant success ECLAT
Burnt remnant of something ASH
Certain San Diego pro ballplayer PADRE
Certain type of citrus fruit LIME
Cries like crazy SOBS
Definitely having favorable circumstances, to grandpa (2 wo SITTINGPRETTY
Desire strongly YEARN
Draw deep into an argument EMBROIL
Easter – hunt go-between EGG
Evening in Venice SERA
Extremely boring, TEDIOUS
Farm storage building SILO
Flightless bird that is not extinct EMU
Fully grown, as a banana RIPE
Give a disproportionately large number OVERREPRESENT
Golfer’s prop TEE
Had liver but no onions ATE
LegendaryGiant baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel OTT
North Star POLARIS
Not straight anymore BENT
Old Testament twin with lots of hair ESAU
Clues Answers
One person to go to for puzzle help DAD
One’s life story, briefly BIO
Operates USES
Opposite of this plus 180 degrees THAT
People live in them HOMES
Real estate measuring unit ACRE
Reply you like to hear YES
Roof sealant TAR
Scatterbrained and a bit silly DITSY
Shut? No, go the opposite way OPEN
Sight that makes a castaway jump up and down SHIP
Something to eat on your birthday CAKE
Sound of one experiencing a sharp pain OUCH
Soup served in Japanese restaurants MISO
Spoonful, briefly TSP
Sporting word with water or snow SKI
Sticky, sloppy, oozing paste-like yuck-slime that moves GOO
Stuff thrown at weddings RICE
Tell the truth? No, be deceitful LIE
Tennis court halver NET
The capital of Ukraine KIEV
The second or third draft of any screenplay, literally REVISAL
Thing to do the day before Easter DYE
Two words meaning approximately ORSO
Two-finger peace sign VEE
Waikiki beach party LUAU
What finally ending something can bring CLOSURE
Word said often in church AMEN
Youngster or child KID
___-tat (snare drum sounds) RATA

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