Family Time – Aug 20 2018



“In ___ event …” ANY
America’s bird EAGLE
Any minister CLERIC
Baptism or wedding RITE
Be seen in the dark GLOW
Big club ACE
Bit of cold in the air NIP
Bluntly declare AVOW
Brilliant, creative thought IDEA
Broadway lights material NEON
Burn on the outside, as meat CHAR
Buy in advance PREPAY
Checkers color RED
Church song HYMN
Conceit EGO
Deadly snake ASP
Exercise with lots of bending YOGA
Fashion designer Chanel COCO
Flamboyance and flair ELAN
Foot part TOE
Furry household member PET
Greek letter IOTA
Grew older AGED
Group of TV experts PANEL
Horse sound NEIGH
Huge pig HOG
It has a riser STEP
Joint capital of SaudiГ%82В Arabia MECCA
Match sound to video SYNC
Morally wrong EVIL
Ms. Ono YOKO
Not break even? OWE
Not false TRUE
Not from in close AFAR
Old Roman attire TOGA
Old stringed instrument LYRE
On the ball AWARE
Once around the track LAP
Opera solo ARIA
Paid player PRO
Plant that climbs walls IVY
Pound out print TYPE
Powder in a barbershop TALC
Prefix that means “new” NEO
Razor-billed ___ AUK
Rotund (2 words) ROLYPOLY
Savings option IRA
Shaped like an egg OVAL
Sign of boredom YAWN
Squad car, for one UNIT
State leader GOVERNOR
Street urchin GAMIN
Stuff from a volcano LAVA
Suffix with “stat” ION
Super-dry, as crinkled leaves SERE
That thing’s ITS
Things in police stations (3 words) TWOWAYMIRRORS
Tiny energy source ATOM
U-turn from front REAR
Urge physically PROD
Waterway of Mexico GULF
Way of writing or dressing STYLE
Wingtip-to-wingtip distance SPAN
Word that ends prayers AMEN
___-pong PING

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