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Family Time – Aug 23 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Me ___!” (Include me) TOO
“Pretty please with sugar ___!” (2 words) ONIT
“Right where I left it!” AHA
“The ___ King” LION
“This won’t hurt ___, I promise!” (2 words) ABIT
“___ Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci MONA
“___ the night before Christmas …” TWAS
“___ the ramparts we watched …” OER
9, 10, 11 or 12-year-old PRETEEN
A thumbs-down from the president VETO
Answered REPLIED
Athlete’s shiny prize TROPHY
Australian bird that cannot fly EMU
Begin to fade or grow less powerful WANE
Big, fancy party GALA
Brat’s relative? IMP
Bro’s sibling SIS
Cards with you on them IDS
Cause a hair-raising experience TERRIFY
Changed to fit ADAPTED
Christian Savior JESUS
Cry of remorse or regret ALAS
Deli spreadable, briefly MAYO
Design over REDO
Fancy “boyfriend” BEAU
Fancy “bye-bye” TATA
Fictional causes of bad luck JINXES
Fishing instrument ROD
French fry’s source POTATO
Gives approval OKAYS
Golfer’s driving aid TEE
Handy farming tool HOE
Help signal far from shore SOS
In the distance AFAR
Incredibly high mountain peak ALP
Indigo, gold and henna DYES
It’s heads-up in a museum BUST
Kind of winter shot FLU
Like a lot of hot bagged food (2 words) TOGO
Load of groceries? ARMFUL
Lose resilience SAG
Montego ___ BAY
Most diluted, as a liquid WATERIEST
Music piece that brings the rural life to mind IDYL
Not working, but soon to IDLE
One of the URL endings GOV
Oohed and then did this AAHED
Overhanging part of a roof EAVE
Part of some sports tables NET
Salmon on the small side COHO
Sci-fi hoverer UFO
Settled, as a butterfly on a twig ALIT
Stuff in tires AIR
Swing for the fences BAT
Technique or way of getting something done METHOD
Thing similar to a colander SIEVE
Type of goat high up on a mountain IBEX
Weight of a lot of coal TON
What a baritone voice is LOW
What you hope your mom will say YES
Whole with nothing broken INTACT
___ Angeles, CA LOS
___ out (just squeezed out) EKED