Family Time – Aug 23 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A city in Texas WACO
A long way from being in abundance RARE
After shower garb ROBE
An animated Simpson BART
Big-time quizzes TESTS
Chicken ___ king ALA
Circular segments ARCS
Code letters of life? DNA
Common concession stand offering SODA
Crispy deli sandwich BLT
Curtails or prohibits RESTRICTS
Dessert treat (2 words) ICECREAM
Did a cowboy’s job ROPED
Don’t run with these SCISSORS
Easiest numbers to add by ONES
Euro fractions CENTS
Fiona’s species OGRE
Fringe benefit PERK
Future fish ROE
General fatigue TIREDNESS
Had studied and memorized KNEW
Having Brussels sprouts EATING
Help signal on the ocean SOS
Holders for dry dog food BAGS
In the distance AFAR
It can hold gallons of fuel (2 words) GASTANK
Leaves in the lurch DESERTS
Like a newly cleaned engine DEGREASED
Line across the bottom of the United States BORDER
Makes machinery do its job OPERATES
Mature, as expensive cheese AGE
Mexican dollar PESO
Number for me plus you TWO
One of two in a Corvette SEAT
Part of a badminton court NET
Person successfully recruited by the military ENLISTEE
Prayer recipient GOD
Prepared for a selfie POSED
Put to good ___ USE
Rodent many despise RAT
Saw, spotted or witnessed SEEN
School year divisions SEMESTERS
Sheepskin recipient GRAD
Some woodland creatures ELKS
Squeal TELL
Statistic for a pitcher (Abbr.) ERA
Stick a toothpick in STAB
Strange movie aircraft UFOS
Teaching mentor GURU
Took the baton RAN
Type of bag given for just showing up SWAG
Valuable, whitish gem OPAL
Wheel tooth COG
Where an animal can graze 24/7 LEA
Where naval victories are won (2 words) ATSEA
Window sections PANES
Yank sharply TUG
Yogi or Boo-Boo URSA
You’ll find it at the beach SAND
___ and fall TRIP
___ Bernardo, Chile SAN
___ chi (martial art) TAI

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