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Family Time – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Beat it, fly!” SHOO
“The ship is sinking!” SOS
“To a Blue Sky” type of poem ODE
“Too bad for little me” ALAS
A sandwich meat SALAMI
Adore incredibly LOVE
Arkansas-to-Ohio direction ENE
Artistic carver ENGRAVER
Back in time EARLIER
Balm-yielding African plant ALOE
Beast like Shrek OGRE
Billiards rod CUE
Bird’s crop CRAW
Black, 26-Down, brown or yellow social insects ANTS
Boy in the family, to mom SON
British princess royal ANNE
Cardinal’s color RED
Certain lady wearing black and white NUN
Christmas Day plaything TOY
Classified and arranged accordingly SORTED
Common condiment SALT
Common pluralizer ESS
Constantly pester about little things NAG
Copy a loud cow MOO
Crabs, eels and fish SEAFOOD
Creator of museum pieces ARTIST
Cry of shock and surprise OHO
Customizes to fit ADAPTS
Drinks that start out in bags TEAS
Essential point, as of an important matter GIST
Famous boy king TUT
Feast on a Hawaiian island LUAU
Feelings of happiness, etc EMOTIONS
Field of interest AREA
For each one PER
Fractions of joules or watt-seconds ERGS
Ginger ___ (soda choice) ALE
Glue alternative PASTE
Guy or girl constantly swishing SCORER
Having the least money POOREST
High cards ACES
Hot stuff from a volcano LAVA
I meant this in old Rome ONE
Immediately NOW
Inner parts of apples CORES
It has 44 countries EUROPE
Letters before a pseudonym or nickname AKA
Letters from a bettor short on cash IOU
Like a gravel driveway STONY
Like a pomegranate or lemon TART
Make a long, sad face POUT
Places for bats CAVES
Provides roadside assistance, in a way TOWS
Quits, as a job RESIGNS
Ready, in the oven DONE
Shocks and stuns positively AWES
Some car or apartment contracts LEASES
Something the forgetful can make NOTE
Started litigation against SUED
Suffix with “sensational” ISM
Things record-breakers hold FIRSTS
Very small stringed instrument? UKE
Words to a minister (2 words) IDO
___ course record (2 words) SETA