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Family Time – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“American ___” IDOL
“Buona ___” SERA
“Do ___ unto others …” UNTO
“Don’t forget …” ALSO
“Spartacus,” for one EPIC
“Watch your ___” STEP
“___ a good thing!” ITS
Ads in email SPAM
African antelope GNU
Anger IRE
Animal that eats many things GOAT
Bank posting RATE
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
Bitterly amusing WRY
Book of maps ATLAS
Branch of the military NAVY
Caesar’s bad day IDES
Certain citrus fruit UGLI
Choice rating AONE
Close a door too hard SLAM
Comparable AKIN
Completed DONE
Crooked or twisted AWRY
Cut off, as branches LOP
Detested person ANATHEMA
Dishonest speaker LIAR
Do film work ACT
Eggs in a science lab OVA
Enter on a keyboard TYPE
Faucet TAP
Faucet problem DRIP
Gas in bright signs NEON
Give off EMIT
Have a late meal DINE
Ice cream containers CONES
Knock on wood RAP
Long poem segment CANTO
Make bread with it DOUGH
Male suitor BEAU
Menu offering ENTREE
Mob enforcer GOON
Nut on a wheel LUG
Opera box LOGE
Paris subway METRO
Part of a statue BASE
Pastor, briefly REV
Prefix with “freeze” ANTI
Scrambled thing EGG
Senile one DOTARD
Ship’s wheel HELM
Slimy stuff GOO
State positively AVER
Study quickly CRAM
Stuff for an artist (2 words) OILPAINT
Super-wise person SAGE
Take weapons from UNARM
Taking a long while TIMECONSUMING
Tear quickly RIP
Telephone part not on mobile phones CORD
Televise AIR
Thing for an optimist HOPE
Toweled off DRY
U-turn from left CAME
Use a pogo stick HOP
What poems do RHYME
___ out a living EKE