Family Time – Aug 27 2018

Clues Answers
“A long time ___ …” AGO
12th mo DEC
Alcoholic beverage ALE
America’s relative? (2 words) UNCLESAM
Annoying jerk TWIT
Antelope that rhymes with new GNU
Apple or cherry food PIE
Band’s show GIG
Become man and wife WED
Boat blade OAR
Book part PAGE
Car “go” juice GAS
Clothes-heating device IRON
Conclusion END
Continue, as a subscription RENEW
Coral ___ REEF
Couch SOFA
Courage NERVE
Dangerous snake ASP
Drive or reverse GEAR
Esophagus GULLET
Exercise with bendy positions YOGA
False belief DELUSION
Food from a paddy RICE
Food listing MENU
From ___ Z (2 words) ATO
Gave out cards DEALT
Gym for women YWCA
Hockey legend Bobby ORR
Huge coffee holder URN
Huge reference book TOME
It can burn through metal ACID
Italian currency of old LIRA
Just out on shelves NEW
Meat spinner SPIT
Mountaineer’s worry SLIP
Musical composition OPUS
Native of Machu Picchu INCA
Not mine YOURS
Not young at all OLD
Null and ___ VOID
Parting words? OBIT
Person full of wisdom SAGE
Persuade URGE
Place for a small computer LAP
Playground equipment piece SEESAW
Prime meridian std GST
Quick joke GAG
Relaxation EASE
Reverse UNDO
Rise to the skies SOAR
Say “I didn’t do it” DENY
Scream in pain YOWL
Some cues (2 words) STAGEWHISPERS
Something to think up IDEA
Stat for pitchers ERA
Stick a toothpick in STAB
Super-high interest USURY
Thing on the highway AUTO
Thing passed on by parents GENE
Type of hygiene ORAL
Very small amount IOTA
Wet dirt MUD
When a plane might land ETA
Whooping shout YAHOO
Written assignment ESSAY

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