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Family Time – Aug 30 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“… has to be ___ to be believed” SEEN
“Come ___ About Me” (Supremes hit) SEE
“No talking or whispering!” SHH
“Right you ___!” (“Correct!”) ARE
38 RBI or 16 TD passes STAT
An Old World sparrow is one BIRD
Ankle-knee link SHIN
Any chair is one SEAT
Attachment to some jackets HOOD
Bee attack STING
Big rig on a big road SEMI
Brown outdoors? TAN
Bulk of the human body TORSO
Car engine’s need OIL
Car wash aid RAG
City in Florida MIAMI
Comes down hard, as rain TEEMS
Defeated in chess MATED
Detective’s job INVESTIGATION
European mountain peaks ALPS
Explosive letters TNT
Facial pair LIPS
Feeling on edge TENSE
Freedom from difficulty EASE
Hard-to-explain aircraft UFO
Heals or cures MENDS
How computer games are played INTERACTIVELY
Huge twinkler STAR
Kids’ snow buildings FORTS
Largest continent ASIA
Let everyone know you closed the door SLAM
Like things you should believe TRUE
Long-handled gardening tool HOE
Make a gravel road smooth PAVE
Make people laugh AMUSE
Marsh duck or bluish color TEAL
Means to get to the second floor STEPS
Measure for a cook (Abbr.) TSP
Mister alternative SIR
Numerals for the third film in a series III
Oceans make them WAVES
One ___ time (2 words) ATA
Org. that unites moms, dads and teachers PTA
Otherwise ELSE
Pin count in a strike TEN
Pool hall item CUE
Pro counterpart ANTI
Proofs of age, for short IDS
Provide temporarily LEND
Rope for catching critters LASSO
Slip from a poor bettor IOU
Smell tracker NOSE
Teller of fibs LIAR
They can lead to minor arguments Disagreements
They have a pecking order HENS
Thoroughly proficient ADEPT
Tuna sandwich alternative BLT
Turned into a bluish color DYED
Type of dance you can hear TAP
Type of play with few laughs DRAMA
Viewed SAW
What you do in a 12-Across SIT
Winter ride SLED
World superpower USA