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Family Time – Aug 31 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“___ about time!” ITS
A dollar in some countries EURO
After-bath cover-up ROBE
Alert state in which you are aware of yourself CONSCIOUSNESS
BBs, buckshot, and arrows AMMO
Belonging to me and you OURS
Boat deck wood TEAK
Caesar’s garment TOGA
Common sculpture section TORSO
County in southeastern England ESSEX
Cry of regret ALAS
Dedicatory poems ODES
DiCaprio of the movies LEO
Digit on you TOE
Dish holder TRAY
Displaying no emotion STOIC
Early app version BETA
Easy trot LOPE
Enemy or opponent FOE
Fancy hotel accommodation SUITE
Fireplace residue SOOT
Fishing tool ROD
Flow slowly through cracks SEEP
Gene’s makeup DNA
Gentle forest animal DOE
Go against God’s laws SIN
Huge primate APE
Improv bit SKIT
Large avian of Australia EMU
Lengthen (with “to”) ADD
Lima is there PERU
Make a selection OPT
Maryland achieved it in 1776 STATEHOOD
Ms. Peron of history EVA
Music staff note after fa SOL
Not in any way (2 words) NOHOW
Parapsychology skill ESP
Percussive kind of dancing TAP
Perfected, as one’s skills HONED
Pie ___ mode (2 words) ALA
Play a role ACT
Playfully mischievous child IMP
Potato, informally SPUD
Read “contenta” and say “happy” TRANSLATE
Sample a bit of food TASTE
School singing “club” GLEE
Scissors sounds or actions SNIPS
Slowly get better, as cheese AGE
Something to do every day EAT
Splashes water on WETS
Spoils SOURS
Streamlined SLEEK
Suffix with “fast” or “slow” EST
Takes in visually SEES
Talk silently SIGN
The shape of a toy train track OVAL
The very top APEX
This one + that one BOTH
Trim off, as big branches LOP
Two in Spain DOS
Up to this point (2 words) ASYET
Wedding cake section TIER
What docents provide INFO
Wind quintet instrument OBOE
Word with “slope” or “boots” SKI