Family Time – Aug 6 2018

Clues Answers
“… pan and ___ the fire” INTO
“… ___ he rode out of sight …” ERE
“For ___ the Bell Tolls” WHOM
“Iliad” locale TROY
“The ___ Ranger” LONE
“You,” in the Bible THOU
Acquire by trickery WANGLE
Air show trick LOOP
Aluminum wrap FOIL
Barbecuing area PATIO
Beginning ONSET
Belonging to you and me OUR
Blood fluids SERA
Breathe it in AIR
British nobleman EARL
Cake section TIER
Chinchilla coverer FUR
City of China SHANGHAI
Consult SEE
Cookie variety OREO
Courtroom event TRIAL
Deep wound GASH
Do damage HARM
Dog’s foot PAW
Dog’s sharp cry YELP
Drive forward IMPEL
Existed once WAS
Filled with cargo LADEN
Form of “to be” ARE
Fort Knox bar INGOT
Gloss target LIP
Hard-to-explain glow AURA
Have regrets RUE
Historical period ERA
Clues Answers
In a bit, in poems ANON
Kennel club reject MUTT
King-topping card ACE
Lemon discard PEEL
Line made with a compass ARC
Low digit ONE
Marriage by-products INLAWS
Miner matter ORE
Miniature golf stroke PUTT
Moves from side-to-side, at sea YAWS
Nanny’s charge TYKE
Nearly an eternity EON
Not win a prize LOSE
Old record player HIFI
Ornamental pitcher EWER
Padlock’s pass-through HASP
Potpie vegetable PEA
Pour down, like rain TEEM
Quick, as a learner APT
Resting place ATOP
Simple, serene state EASE
Sketched DREW
Slay, as a dragon KILL
Sock tip TOE
Solo for a basso ARIA
Stairs alternative RAMP
Swiss peak ALP
Tolstoy’s ruler TSAR
Toward the stern AFT
Turned on the waterworks WEPT
Type of bear POLAR
Woman’s shoe with a spike STILETTO
___ and tell SHOW

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