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Family Time – Aug 9 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Code” of phone numbers AREA
“Don’t forget to ___ your i’s” DOT
“I am screaming to scare you!” BOO
“One-touch” sport with an edge EPEE
“This just in …” stuff NEWS
“___ what I mean?” SEE
1,440 minutes DAY
Additive in many skin applications ALOE
Apologize and make things right ATONE
Atty.’s org ABA
Bestow honor or rewards upon FETE
Black-___-white film AND
Cat feature CLAW
Cheerleaders need it PEP
Common pond creature TOAD
Competitor competing against you FOE
Deep anger IRE
Deep sleep state letters REM
Distress signal for bobbers SOS
Dude with a decimal system DEWEY
Eggs not found in the dairy section ROE
Exploding star NOVA
Famous Marco POLO
Figure head? CPA
Forensic test subj DNA
Found unexpectedly (2 words) HAPPENEDUPON
Give it your best TRY
Go ___ great length (2 words) ONAT
Heir before you? (2 words) ELDERBROTHER
Hopper in a famous fairy tale HARE
Huge decaf dispenser URN
In need of liniment SORE
Invisible necessity AIR
It stops at school BUS
Jammies PJS
Like a fresh lemon TART
Like cut diamonds FACETED
Like some pleasant memories FOND
Luxury hotel feature SPA
Many espionage movie characters SPIES
Marathoner’s prerace intake CARBS
Mortar bearer HOD
Nay opposers YEAS
Not an hr. or min., even less SEC
Not even a single one NONE
Piece of dinnerware PLATE
Pig’s place STY
Place from which to fish PIER
Planetarium unit STAR
Pointed, sarcastic comments JABS
Road rescue TOW
Severely lacking moisture DRY
Square sliver of butter PAT
Steadfast, as an ally STAUNCH
Sturdy piece of bedroom furniture ARMOIRE
Super-spicy submarine sandwich additions HOTS
Thing created when sitting LAP
Tub it up BATHE
Type of clarinet or sax ALTO
Type of person known for being bookish NERD
Whitish gem OPAL
Wild, loud, lavish party BASH
Woody structure TREE
Word with “Christmas” or “New Year’s” EVE
Wrapped garment in India SARI