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Family Time – Dec 10 2018

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Clues Answers
“A pocket full of ___” RYE
“See you later!” BYE
“___ for the poor!” ALMS
A double negative NONO
Animal pouch SAC
Athens native GREEK
Bread with a pocket PITA
Building location SITE
Butterfly stage PUPA
Cain’s brother ABEL
Cast lister PLAYBILL
Completely shock STUN
Cookbook meas TSP
Difficult burden ONUS
Email address element DOT
Express praise for LAUD
Four-stringed guitar BASS
Go against the Commandments SIN
Hawaiian flower gifts LEIS
Holder for 53-Across POD
Joint below the waist KNEE
Kind of pasta PENNE
Knock on wood RAP
Large brown seaweed KELP
Large, long-jawed Florida fish MARLIN
Like a tennis racket with no strings? UNSTRUNG
Liver secretion BILE
Lobster catcher TRAP
Lubricant container OILCAN
Luxury hotel feature SPA
Magazine releases ISSUES
Makes an exit GOES
Media-monitoring grp FCC
Mispickel or cinnabar ORE
Modeling substance CLAY
Music sheet mark CLEF
Omelet ingredient EGG
Onionlike plant LEEK
Oppose authority DEFY
Opposite of good BAD
Pen fluid INK
Persistently annoy NAG
Pig’s home STY
Praise lavishly TOUT
Prefix for “freeze” ANTI
Seek an answer ASK
Single Monopoly roller DIE
Slight socially SNUB
Small veggie PEA
Snake that is an anagram of spa ASP
Sound quality TONE
Spelling contest BEE
Three in Roman numerals III
Tissue additive ALOE
To the safe side, at sea ALEE
Trident-shaped 39-Down letter PSI
Tug hard YANK
Turkish title of respect BEY
Type of sword EPEE
Unknown quote source, briefly ANON
Use a dishrag on WIPE
Vicinity AREA
Wall-framing unit STUD
Well-informed AWARE
With ___ breath (anxiously) BATED