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Family Time – Dec 16 2018

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Clues Answers
“A Christmas Carol” cry BAH
“How much wood ___ a woodchuck …” WOULD
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
“___ and the Tramp” LADY
“___ I?” (question) MAY
“___ on Down the Road” EASE
1 on the Mohs scale TALC
Acorn, eventually OAK
Approve OKAY
Based on reason LOGICAL
Bering Sea bird AUK
Big hunk of dirt CLOD
Birdbath organism ALGA
Boater’s paddle OAR
Boy Scout tool HATCHET
Busy airport HUB
Carpet buyer’s calculation AREA
Collector’s collection, sometimes ART
Color property HUE
Computer image ICON
Consume EAT
Cranberry source BOG
Dollar overseas EURO
Duck and punch BOX
Durable dark wood EBONY
Emanating glow AURA
End of a church APSE
Envelope-pushing EDGY
Extremely excited AGOG
Farmland unit ACRE
Find a purpose for USE
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Garden dirt SOIL
Guitar variety BASS
Historical time period ERA
Infant transporter BABYCARRIAGE
Just a ___ (slightly) TAD
Justice League outfit item CAPE
Make an incision CUT
Miss Piggy’s neck warmer BOA
Neither’s partner NOR
Not safe, in baseball OUT
Old Italian money LIRA
Old-style “Cool!” FAB
Perfume feature SCENT
Personal independence (2 words) SELFRELIANCE
Psyche component EGO
Sandwich part BREAD
Secluded valley GLEN
Slant or prejudice BIAS
Something to buy in, at Costco BULK
Soprano’s solo ARIA
Spelling contest BEE
Stick with a toothpick STAB
Stop-sign color RED
Straight up, on maps NORTH
Suitable to the task APT
Thing to swim in POOL
Tina of “30 Rock” FEY
Tiny WEE
Tree decorated in December FIR
Type of horse bit SNAFFLE
U-turn from bad GOOD
Vehicle for hire (2 words) TAXICAB
Westminster, for one ABBEY
Wrestling surface MAT