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Family Time – Dec 23 2018

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Clues Answers
”Fantastic!” AWESOME
”To Kill a Mockingbird” author LEE
”___ a beautiful day!” ITS
A portion SOME
Ancient OLD
Another word for 2-Across AUTO
Answer back RESPOND
Any large reference book TOME
Approve OKAY
Attract DRAW
Ball ___ hammer PEEN
Big Indian RAJA
Blemish MAR
Bullets and BBs AMMO
Cheaper margarine alternative OLEO
Common vehicle CAR
Conclude END
Distribute cards DEAL
Door frame JAMB
Eagle’s claw TALON
Earth’s light SUN
Egg maker HEN
First-___ kit AID
Food for a baby PAP
Gathering tool RAKE
Ginger ___ ALE
Give a big shock to JOLT
Hard throw, in baseball PEG
Have regrets about RUE
Have sickness AIL
In a ___ (sort of) WAY
Like the US banner? (2 words) Starspangled
Nuclear treaty provision (2 words) TESTBAN
Old Italian currency LIRA
Old soda machine feature (2 words) BOTTLEOPENER
Old town news announcer CRIER
Opposite of work PLAY
Part of a swinging door HINGE
Pastor out in the country LEA
Pilotless plane DRONE
Place for a nice swim POOL
Place for relaxing massages SPA
Place with many stores MALL
Plant that climbs walls IVY
Prevent BAR
Reddish purple LILAC
Sailor’s ”yes” AYE
San Diego baseball player PADRE
Sentence word that connects AND
Single dollar bill ONE
Slightly gapped AJAR
Solo in an opera ARIA
Something to clean up MESS
Sword match DUEL
Tear, old-style RIVE
The stuff you breathe AIR
Thing worn with a business suit TIE
Tool that pierces leather AWL
U-turn from found LOST
User’s manual drawing DIAGRAM
Vegetable in a pod PEA
Visual item EYE
Wicked EVIL
With the same score EVEN
___ du Flambeau, Wis LAC
___ vera (cosmetics ingredient) ALOE