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Family Time – February 10 2019

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Clues Answers
“A Girl With a Watering Can” painter RENOIR
“Go on, now” (2 words) RUNALONG
“Queen ___ Day” FORA
“To ___ a Mockingbird” KILL
“Well”-financed grp OPEC
“What ___ you up to?” ARE
’80s “way cool” RAD
’80s Ford Crown Victoria LTD
22nd letter VEE
60ths of mins SECS
A Santa ANA
Accepted by hand TOOK
Admit openly AVOW
Angel topper HALO
Arizona tribe NAVAJO
Attempted a jumper SHOT
Be dressed in WEAR
Bittersweet covering ARIL
Black, sticky road substance TAR
Blacken, as barbecue CHAR
By a small margin NARROWLY
City in Texas WACO
Clerical robe FROCK
Clinic supplies SERA
Clothes colorer DYE
Costing nothing FREE
Cutty ___ (historic ship) SARK
Decrepit-sounding CREAKY
Fancy pins and needles holder ETUI
Genetic letters RNA
Greek sandwich GYRO
Guitar clamp CAPO
Hammer and anvil place EAR
Happy GLAD
Hen’s output EGG
IOU verb OWE
Jail room CELL
Killer whale ORCA
Kind of collar FLEA
Land with water all about? ISLE
Letter of the Greek alphabet ETA
Like old, damp showers MILDEWED
Little bit or young boy TAD
Luxury fitness center SPA
Mr. Flanders in a cartoon NED
Natty or dashing RAKISH
No-cholesterol spread OLEO
Noah made it ARK
Norway city OSLO
Number for the show? TWO
One of the four Gospels JOHN
Place to look down from ATOP
Plum or orange producer TREE
Prefix with “place” MIS
Reach home safely? SCORE
Roused from slumber WOKEN
Some shady trees ELMS
Sounds that quiet SHS
Strap for stopping a horse REIN
Suffix with “professional” ISM
Tapped container KEG
Taro root EDDO
Type of parrot KEA
Valuable rocks ORES
Violin’s big brother CELLO
Young fox KIT
___ out a meager living EKE