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Family Time – January 20 2019

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Clues Answers
“CHiPs” first name ERIK
“Standing” beef cut (2 words) RIBROAST
“___ reflection …” UPON
A high school class ART
Acquire GET
Added years AGED
Basilica terminus APSE
Bulbs in the kitchen? LEEKS
City in Indiana GARY
Class of ’17 member, now ALUM
Courageous Ms. Parks ROSA
Creative thought IDEA
Crescent shape LUNE
Cut and paste EDIT
Dalai ___ LAMA
Directs (to) REFERS
Doctor’s org AMA
Eyelid bump STYE
Fed. govt. supplies distributor GSA
Floor coverer RUG
Fond du ___, Wisconsin LAC
Fryer’s need FIRE
Fuss over one’s feathers PREEN
Get down pat MASTER
Govt. spy org CIA
Gutter’s place EAVE
Have vittles EAT
Hit ___ a triple play INTO
Home warmer (2 words) HEATPUMP
Implore URGE
Intestine, in slang GUT
Introduction to a book PROEM
Joke, to a comic GAG
Jury member, ideally PEER
Large coffee container URN
Lightly cooked, as a steak RARE
Like a Beirut native LEBANESE
Like a lawn in need of care WEEDY
Make, as income EARN
Manor master LORD
Not new USED
Not safe on the bases OUT
Not yet cooked RAW
Noted Roman poet OVID
Open, as a jacket fastener UNSNAP
Part of a basketball hoop NET
Performance extension ENCORE
Person’s strong point (2 words) LONGSUIT
Pitcher’s pitcher ARM
Pool table top material FELT
Porcelain jug EWER
Prepares to shoot a watergun AIMS
Road-paving material TAR
Rob of TV and films LOWE
Scarlet and strawberry REDS
Shock or stun AWE
Simple digit ONE
Small brown bird WREN
Sound blasters, briefly PAS
Sound from a tiger ROAR
Stereotypical witch HAG
Thing for a socket PLUG
TV prize EMMY
Vast waterway SEA
Vicinity AREA
When a plane is due in, briefly ETA
Winter illness FLU