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Family Time – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
“A long time ___ …” AGO
“Buyer beware” term ASIS
“For goodness’ ___” SAKE
“Which person?” WHO
“___ a beautiful day” ITS
Anger or fury IRE
Aquatic animal SEAL
Be in debt OWE
Be sick AIL
Bus rider’s request TRANSFER
Butter unit PAT
Cereal box Tiger TONY
Coin in Cancun PESO
Corsage flower ORCHID
Cow chow HAY
Dairy dozen EGGS
Depart in haste HIE
Easy things to multiply by TWOS
Engagement, old-style TROTH
Extreme suffix EST
Eyelid inflammation STYE
Five ___ dollar (price) PER
Full of zeal AGOG
Get taller GROW
Golf scoring standard PAR
Gumbo thickener OKRA
Had pretzels ATE
Has a little something EATS
Have dinner SUP
Hindu instructor GURU
Hinged thing DOOR
Human mole SPY
Invisible ring around someone AURA
Irritate IRK
It’s a sin ENVY
Jockey’s strap REIN
Landed ALIT
Lipinski of skating TARA
Mex. neighbor USA
Mighty home run blow SWAT
Mistletoe piece SPRIG
Money unit, for some EURO
Old LP player HIFI
One of the Teletubbies DIPSY
Porky is one PIG
Practice boxing SPAR
Rich sponge cake GATEAU
Russian ruler of old TSAR
Say with confidence AVOW
See 13-Across RAGE
Shrek is one OGRE
Something a Boy Scout takes OATH
Something to obey LAW
Stan ___ of comics LEE
States of extreme greed AVARICES
Strong metal STEEL
Stuff in pencils GRAPHITE
Tax pro CPA
The ___ Piper PIED
Total output of a writer OEUVRE
U-turn from even ODD
Water trailing a boat WAKE
Wave crest WHITECAP
What a bunny might do HOP
Where to find Eugene? OREGON
Word repeated after “Que” SERA
___ Francisco SAN