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Family Time – Jul 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”And now, without further ___…” ADO
”I want some ___!” TOO
”Immediately!” NOW
”Long, long ___” AGO
‘Once ___ a time…’ UPON
Abound TEEM
Am for many? ARE
Ax handle HAFT
Barely achieve (with ”out”) EKE
Bit of folklore MYTH
Blooming loop of Hawaii LEI
Building division ROOM
Butterfly-catching device NET
Cajun cooking pod OKRA
Clothe, old-style TOG
Cooking fat LARD
Cricket figure BATSMAN
Disparage ABASE
Ear part LOBE
Fender’s bender DENT
Find common ground AGREE
Football gathering? HUDDLE
Football holder TEE
Gamer’s annoyance (2 words) TIMELAG
Garden lattice TRELLIS
Get in the way of IMPEDE
Hardly windy CURT
Hot or iced beverage TEA
In good health HALE
Clues Answers
Intertwine ENMESH
Jamaican fruit UGLI
Kind of starch or pudding SAGO
Like Santa’s cheeks ROSY
Like words ending in S PLURAL
Museum hangings ART
Music disc CDROM
Neither’s partner in sentences NOR
Orchestra conductor’s title MAESTRO
Orchestra woodwind OBOE
Passing announcement? OBIT
Person way out in the country RUBE
Place for the rich? (2 words) EASYSTREET
Purple or orange COLOR
Red gem RUBY
Run easily LOPE
Scottish headgear TAM
Shoulder wrap for Miss Piggy BOA
Spoonbill-like bird IBIS
Thing to beat DRUM
Turn bad, as milk CURDLE
Ulna’s place ARM
Unnamed quantity SOME
Voting against ANTI
Walk with effort PLOD
Winter sickness FLU
Wood destroyer (2 words) DRYROT
Word that scares BOO
Worshiped celeb IDOL
___ and proper PRIM