Family Time – Jul 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“___ End” THE
All-purpose vehicle, for short UTE
Any 90-year-old dude (2 words) OLDMAN
Apple source TREE
Bounced off the walls, as your voice ECHOED
Brandishes WIELDS
Bride’s accessory, sometimes VEIL
Burst, as a balloon POP
Cat or dog, e.g PET
Code of conduct ETHIC
Coffee order, sometimes LATTE
Complete ENTIRE
Disguise a message ENCODE
Early garden EDEN
Elegant CHIC
Fall back EBB
Fall behind everyone else LAG
Farmer’s device PLOW
Felt sore ACHED
Groups of elephants HERDS
Hard wood ELM
Herb in salsa CILANTRO
High-pH solution ALKALI
Hitch SNAG
Humor WIT
In shreds TATTERED
Indian wraparound dress SARI
Island in the Pacific BORNEO
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Just out of the factory NEW
Lawyers’ org ABA
Mama sheep EWE
MCU’s “Ant-Man” Lang SCOTT
Mei ___ from Pixar’s “Turning Red” LEE
Mermaid’s home SEA
Miss America bands SASHES
Missing, in the military AWOL
Motion detectors SENSORS
Porcupine relative HEDGEHOG
Proportional (2 words) PRORATA
React to an alarm AWAKEN
Resting spots BEDS
Retirement option (Abbr.) IRA
Rock in mines ORE
Santa ___, California ANA
Seasickness symptom NAUSEA
Sharp barks YAPS
Short sleep NAP
Small measurement INCH
Some relatives after marriage BROTHERSINLAW
Stew vegetable, sometimes OKRA
Swamp BOG
Top ___ list TEN
Turtle shell SCUTE
Type of motive ULTERIOR
Water squirter HOSE
Water-against-rocks process EROSION
Where orange trees grow GROVE
Yank’s foe REB

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