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Family Time – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
“And lead us not ___ …” INTO
“It’s ___ a little scratch” ONLY
“___ in Boots” PUSS
Animals-on-display place ZOO
Archery weapon LONGBOW
Arrow propeller BOW
Assistant AIDE
Associate of the id EGO
Avis output? OVA
Back of the crowd REAR
Bahamas city (2 words) FREEPORT
Battle of Britain flying org RAF
Cliquish group COTERIE
Common grain OAT
Cry from Scrooge BAH
Deadly snake BOA
Defeat in a sprint OUTRUN
Dictionary unit WORD
Difficult to understand INCOHERENT
Eyebrow shape ARCH
Frosty covering RIME
Gaudy trinket BAUBLE
In a memorable way NOTABLY
It makes Mississippi mud? RIVERBED
Layer up high OZONE
Lion’s home DEN
Lung filler AIR
Make flubs ERR
Miter joint feature BEVEL
Monkey used in research RHESUS
More than wicked EVIL
Clues Answers
October birthstone OPAL
One’s church clothes (2 words) SUNDAYBEST
Palindromic time of day NOON
Pay for and possess OWN
Payment for crossing a bridge TOLL
Perfect tennis serve ACE
Person with jokes COMIC
Pizzazz BRIO
Polite fellow GENT
Prison room CELL
Relative of a gull TERN
Relay or dash RACE
Require NEED
Second-person pronoun YOU
Ship’s jail BRIG
Shocking sea creature EEL
Shrimp fried ___ RICE
Sign of the future OMEN
Sis relative BRO
Slyly shy COY
Stuff in the freezer ICE
Substantial, as an amount GOODLY
The ___ of March IDES
Tree yielding monkey bread BAOBAB
Try to persuade URGE
Type of angle OBTUSE
Type of bright sign NEON
Utter flop BOMB
Walking aid CANE
What to do to a button PRESS