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Family Time – Jul 22 2018

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Clues Answers
”…___ gloom of night…” NOR
”Do ___ Enter” NOT
”Once ___ a time” UPON
”Whoopee!” HURRAY
Animal skin PELT
Anything on 2 feet BIPED
Aquarium slime ALGA
Barber’s powder TALC
Be a trespasser INFRINGE
Bird with long legs IBIS
Boyfriend BEAU
Capitol figure, briefly POL
Cause damage too MAR
Certain newspaper page OPED
Decide OPT
Fisherman’s rod and ___ REEL
Fitting for the purpose APT
Fix like a vet? SPAY
Flatter, old-style (2 words) SOFTSOAP
Ginger ___ soda ALE
Goings-on, old-style ADO
Golf ball elevator TEE
Gorilla APE
Grow weaker, as rain WANE
Harsh, as a teacher STERN
Hill building insect ANT
In addition ALSO
It has water on all sides ISLE
It’s on store shelves STOCK
Kind of bean PINTO
Like Broadway lights NEON
Look ___ (study) INTO
Mischievous little one IMP
Motel relative INN
Clues Answers
Not many FEW
Novel feature PLOT
Old Russian ruler TSAR
One of two born on the same day TWIN
Opposite of woman MAN
Paper joiner TAPE
Penny CENT
Place to park LOT
Plant starter SEED
Safe place for many HOME
Serious situation CRISIS
Shelter for doves COTE
Shelter in the woods TENT
Silly person in Britain TWIT
Simple restaurant CAFE
Singing competition, ”American ___” IDOL
Snow creature of legend YETI
Spasm of pain THROE
Stop raining so hard (2 words) LETUP
Thing on a face NOSE
Thing to scratch ITCH
Thing to skip ROPE
Tiny bit IOTA
Try to date WOO
Two-wheeler BIKE
Type of sax ALTO
Uncooked RAW
Visit the cafeteria ATE
Winter vehicle SLED
With none left over ALL
Without, fancy SANS
Wonderful story TALE
Work a 23-Across CYCLE
___-tac-toe TIC