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Family Time – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
”…was I ___ I saw…” ERE
Anyone’s equal PEER
Archaeological burial contraption TOMB
Available for business OPEN
Be verbally dishonest LIE
Big goof OAF
Big-time twinkler STAR
Blade stuck in the water OAR
Certain singing voice ALTO
Completely dunk in a liquid SOAK
Conclusion END
Decide not to do FORGO
Decisive chess victory MATE
Desire for food APPETITE
Display an inclination TEND
Drink some set out in the sun TEA
Drop off, as floodwaters WANE
Egg of old Rome OVA
Electrify or stun AWE
Epic tale SAGA
Exasperate RILE
Family unit CLAN
Farm newborn CALF
Faux margarine OLEO
Good friend PAL
Grape or lemon lime drink SODA
Grapefruit relative UGLI
Grazing setting LEA
Group that can cause a 3-Down HERD
Gumbo soup ingredient OKRA
Hair dressing application POMADE
Handle one’s problems COPE
Haul by truck TOW
Helps or assists AIDS
Clues Answers
Indicate MEAN
Inky stain BLOTCH
Insect that’s a dog pest FLEA
Kind of hose NYLON
Kind or type ILK
Let slip from one’s hands DROP
Look for a film villain LEER
Lunch hour’s end, for many ONE
Miscellaneous mixture OLIO
Night light producer LAMP
Not a victory LOSS
Notice at a distance ESPY
Of no value NIL
Person paid to play PRO
Pesky flying insect GNAT
Place for a sliding mouse PAD
Pub drink ALE
Require NEED
Retract statements UNSAY
Rookie TYRO
Run wild, as cattle STAMPEDE
Separately APART
Shape of a high school track OVAL
Shells and arrows, e.g AMMO
Slimy substance GOO
The Christmas season NOEL
Thin nail BRAD
Type of roof GABLE
U-turn from the best WORST
U-turn from woman MAN
Underwater detection device SONAR
Wee energy source ATOM
Young one in the woods DOE
___ out a living EKE