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Family Time – Jul 29 2018

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Clues Answers
“Charlotte’s Web” girl FERN
“Gosh!” GEE
’60s “cool” FAROUT
25-Across, scientifically OVA
A drill bit will do it BORE
A questioning word WHAT
A type of believer in God DEIST
A ___ technicality MERE
Almost closed, as a door AJAR
Asleep for the night ABED
Aspirin unit PILL
Available for business OPEN
Back of one’s neck NAPE
Be a burglar ROB
Be an active volcano ERUPT
Become healed MEND
Bit of a necklace BEAD
Breakfast item EGG
Conceit problem EGO
Conclusion END
Creature at the zoo APE
Deep ___ bend KNEE
Dog feature TAIL
Domed recess in a building APSE
Express confidently AVER
Famous queen VICTORIA
Farm animal with a nice coat EWE
French street RUE
Historical period ERA
Hoop attachment NET
Hybrid grapefruit UGLI
Infant BABE
It goes around and around TIRE
Clues Answers
It has streets on it MAP
It’s not up to par BOGEY
Jubilant ELATED
Kind of genetic ID DNA
Let slip DROP
Liable APT
Like candy SWEET
Master of rhymes POET
Notice way out there ESPY
Number of one’s life AGE
One billion years EON
One way to cook BOIL
Onion’s kin LEEK
Opposite of pro ANTI
Picture blower-upper ENLARGER
Place for pickles JAR
Release FREE
River mouth DELTA
Say with confidence AVOW
Show and ___ TELL
Southern “corn” dish PONE
Stop sign’s color RED
Thing to climb outdoors TREE
Thing to skip ROPE
This one AND that one BOTH
Tower in the Bible BABEL
Tropical fever AGUE
Try to persuade URGE
Un-gentleman? CAD
Was in a race RAN
Way to a higher level? RAMP
Window ledge SILL
Wiry nail BRAD
Worker with Santa ELF