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Family Time – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“Buona ___” SERA
“Golden” historical time ERA
“Pants on fire” person LIAR
“Render ___ Caesar …” UNTO
13, for some teenagers AGE
Actor Tommy ___ Jones LEE
At all times EVER
Ball-___ hammer PEEN
Barbecuing place PATIO
Bellyache CARP
Bellyache cause, sometimes ULCER
Brewery cask KEG
Caribou kin ELK
Column crosser ROW
Common pet DOG
Common powder ingredient TALC
Common sonata finale CODA
Decorative, painted pitcher EWER
Depict unfairly SKEW
Dirty air SMOG
Environs AREA
Fairy ___ TALE
For fear that LEST
Formerly known as (maiden name part) NEE
Fuss, in a Shakespeare title ADO
Hand-cream additive ALOE
Have debts OWE
Hot drink TEA
Intense criticism FLAK
Joint with a cap KNEE
Lassie’s breed COLLIE
Lift with effort HEFT
Member of nobility EARL
Clues Answers
Not imaginary REAL
One dollar, in some countries EURO
One’s girlfriend, romantically (2 words) LADYLOVE
Opposite of miss? GUY
Pack down tightly, as loose dirt TAMP
Pants end CUFF
Part of a tire TREAD
Pavarotti solo ARIA
Pen filler INK
Picked-out rock in a mine ORE
Racetrack distance LAP
Sausage container CASING
Say wrong? MISSTATE
Shut violently SLAM
Slowly disappear FADE
Something not for the modest EGO
Stopped a fast ATE
Taken with INTO
Thin wood strip LATH
This little “piggie” TOE
Thought for the creative IDEA
Tiny Greek letter? IOTA
Took off on foot RAN
Trio visiting Jesus in Bethlehem MAGI
Type of snake ASP
U-turn from close OPEN
U-turn from major MINOR
U-turn from sow REAP
Vast waterway OCEAN
What a wolf will do HOWL
What caterers provide FOOD
What Santa’s incoming mail has LISTS
Willow branch OSIER
___ York City NEW