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Family Time – Jul 8 2018

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Clues Answers
”Do not ___ go” PASS
”Don’t ___ think about it!” EVEN
”It’s ___ late now” TOO
”No ___ Traffic” THRU
”Rise and shine!” GETUP
”The best is ___ to come” YET
”Well, ___ be there early!” ILL
A club for a golfer IRON
A direction EAST
African with a white beard GNU
All-purpose adhesive (2 words) DUCTTAPE
Anger IRE
Aviator PILOT
Banana skin PEEL
Bathe LAVE
Be a fibber LIE
Be consistently sore ACHE
Be down in the dumps MOPE
Blooming loop of Hawaii LEI
Chocolate cookie OREO
Cook with the big hat? CHEF
Cut with scissors SNIP
Day before a holiday EVE
Dermatology problem ACNE
Descendant SCION
Do without FORGO
Doctor’s charge FEE
Door unlocker KEY
Easter egg colorer DYE
Eli’s school YALE
Fancy, decorative pitcher EWER
Garbanzo bean CHICKPEA
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Greenish-blue color TEAL
Clues Answers
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Jury member PEER
Lady’s companion, briefly GENT
Lopsided win ROUT
Lung filler AIR
Make a decision OPT
Make an small incision CUT
Move like a moth FLIT
North Pole worker ELF
Not feel 100 percent AIL
Not he SHE
Offend slightly MIFF
Old alphabet symbol RUNE
Old Native American home TEPEE
Part of an envelope FLAP
Place for cold cuts DELI
Ready for business OPEN
Recite Hamlet ACT
Restless and nervous EDGY
Root in Hawaiian cuisine TARO
Sight the target AIM
Snake that bit Cleopatra ASP
Store, as cargo STOW
Tear with force REND
Thing to sail SEA
Thyroid swelling GOITER
Treaty PACT
Way of carrying oneself MIEN
What a plumb measures DEPTH
What good poems do RHYME
What union busters do? SECEDE
Work a bar TEND
Worse than bad EVIL
___-A-Sketch ETCH