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Family Time – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
”Danger!” (2 words) REDALERT
”Long, long ___” AGO
”___ and Circumstance” POMP
”___ on Down the Road” EASE
Abolish BAN
Act the worrywart FRET
Agenda entry ITEM
Angry lion sound ROAR
Archeological number AGE
Automobile CAR
Avian runner in Australia EMU
Bathroom feature TOILET
Bawl SOB
Big name in cameras CANON
Bit of football gear (2 words) KNEEPAD
By way of VIA
Chills and fever, together AGUE
Confidential assistant (3 words) AIDEDECAMP
Cookie container JAR
Creepy look LEER
De-wrinkle garments IRON
Dirty pie? MUD
Dish of many ingredients OLIO
Do more than hug KISS
Door unlocker KEY
Doorway frame JAMB
Fast river current RAPIDS
Fox home DEN
Give the cold shoulder SNUB
Have less value over time DEPRECIATE
Highly-skilled ADEPT
Clues Answers
Hot breakfast serving FARINA
Large shopping container (2 words) TOTEBAG
Like sandpaper COARSE
Likely (to) APT
Minor parish official BEADLE
Move a button PRESS
Old wind instruments PANPIPES
Opposite of give TAKE
Opposite of subtract ADD
Opposite of under OVER
Penny CENT
Piece of true info FACT
Place for skating RINK
Powder or beer thing KEG
Rhyming writing POETRY
Round hairstyle AFRO
Rug type AREA
Showroom model DEMO
Signature piece? PEN
Singing event for fun KARAOKE
Soft powder TALC
Soprano’s solo ARIA
Sound from a kitten PURR
Start a card game DEAL
Take up, as a hem ALTER
Team of two DUO
Tell falsehoods LIE
Verse on a vase ODE
Visitors to a home COMPANY
Word after Exit ONLY
Zoo structure CAGE