Family Time – Jun 10 2018

Clues Answers
“Ditto!” (2 words) METOO
“Long ___ and far away …” AGO
“My lips ___ sealed” ARE
“Tasty!” YUMMY
“___ now or never!” ITS
A bit of superiority EDGE
Aid in a crime ABET
Animal with a beard GOAT
Apiece EACH
Apprehend NAB
As-good-as-it-gets rating AONE
Black road gunk TAR
Book of maps ATLAS
Breakfast or brunch MEAL
Bump into MEET
Christmastime YULE
Dirt + water MUD
Eagle’s gripper TALON
Entryway piece JAMB
Every bit of ALL
Fairy Godmother’s prop WAND
Farmer’s field LEA
Fired, as a water pistol SHOT
Fit one within another NEST
Flagged vehicle TAXI
Follow orders OBEY
Get ___ of (discard) RID
Hostile, as a crowd UGLY
Jell-O’s outliner MOLD
Lacking color WAN
Large Jamaican fruit UGLI
Leave at the altar JILT
Length X width AREA
Lion’s home DEN
Clues Answers
Little bit of water DROP
Long, impressive story SAGA
Masterful pilot ACE
Mechanical memorization ROTE
Met solo ARIA
Negotiations hang-up SNAG
Neither’s partner? NOR
Not me YOU
One Earth orbit YEAR
Online annoyance or canned meat SPAM
Outrage IRE
Palindromic ship deck POOP
Perfect rating in gymnastics TEN
Psychotherapy ANALYSIS
Pub brew ALE
Quick attack FORAY
Refinery input ORE
Self-centeredness EGO
Shoestring LACE
Should (with “to”) OUGHT
Showing shock or awe AGOG
Sound reflected back ECHO
Thing tinier than a molecule ATOM
Too-much-running result ACHE
Trucker’s haul LOAD
Value highly ESTEEM
Verb of history? WAS
Wolf tooth FANG
Word after “community” OUTREACH
Yesteryear’s time YORE
___ of Galilee SEA

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