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Family Time – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
“Ginger” follower ALE
“Praying” insect MANTIS
“What ___ can I do?” ELSE
“Whoopee!” YAHOO
“___, two, buckle my shoe” ONE
Apply finger paint DAUB
Beam for rails (2 words) CROSSTIE
Bear’s lair DEN
Bedside water pitcher EWER
Bighead’s vanity problem EGO
Blu-___ disc RAY
Book with a plot NOVEL
Buddy or chum PAL
Burned bit ASH
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Camp bed COT
Created MADE
Depression between hills VALE
Drollery WIT
Eat like a rodent GNAW
Egg on URGE
Feeling of wonderment AWE
French police officer GENDARME
Highway payment TOLL
Hit the brakes on ice SKID
Home of a biblical tower BABEL
Hostile attitude ANIMUS
Jewish religious leader RABBI
Leg or 6-Down LIMB
Lowly worker SERF
Mix in ADD
Morning grass moisture DEW
Name in Virginia history LEE
Clues Answers
Nervous and antsy EDGY
Old intro to “long” or “now” ERE
Opera solo ARIA
Ornamental grating composition IRONWORK
Pastoral place LEA
Pay attention to HEED
Place of many states USA
Prefix attached to “chute” PARA
Raised mark on the skin WEAL
Razor-sharp, as vision KEEN
Reach a conclusion END
Roman robe TOGA
Rooster on a barn roof VANE
Rowing implement OAR
Ruler of Russia no more TSAR
Shout YELL
Some tag players ITS
Something up one’s sleeve ARM
Soon, in poems of old ANON
Soup bean LENTIL
Speaker’s stand DAIS
Suffix with “real” ISM
Termite devourer AARDVARK
That girl SHE
The sun’s setting? SKY
Thing out on a 15-Across LEAF
Tough tissue in the body SINEW
Untrue statement LIE
Vail runner? SKI
Vigor-ous word? VIM
Whine tearfully SNIVEL
Young boy LAD
Young’un TYKE