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Family Time – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“Doesn’t concern me” feeling APATHY
“Honey wine” drink MEAD
Annoying insect PEST
Arrows and bullets, for example AMMO
Baroque instrument VIOL
Beast like Shrek OGRE
Boating tool OAR
Born, in the society pages NEE
Bowling alley division LANE
Clothing store department MENS
Combustible pile PYRE
Continental dollar EURO
Declare AVOW
Den or kitchen, e.g ROOM
Discarded corn part COB
Enjoy Aspen SKI
Fon du ___, Wisconsin LAC
Get spruced up PREEN
Glaringly vivid LURID
Group’s pronoun OUR
Ham it up on stage EMOTE
Have another birthday AGE
Health resort SPA
Holier-than-thou type MORALIST
Inner city blight SLUM
Is in possession of HAS
Large, grassy field LEA
Mama deer DOE
Name of a boy doll KEN
Nervous and worried EDGY
Not home AWAY
One way to start ANEW
Opposite of down, in crosswords ACROSS
Clues Answers
Piece of strategy PLOY
Point at the very top ACME
Policy opposer ANTI
Political revolution COUP
Pouty look MOUE
Pricey meat cut LOIN
Quarry PREY
Quick visual check ONCEOVER
Recede to the sea EBB
Repair, as text EMEND
Revered figure ICON
Rock back and forth SWAY
Roman garment TOGA
Rummy player’s word GIN
Saber feature EDGE
Santa underling ELF
Silent OK NOD
Slyly shy COY
Something on stage PROP
Song word repeated after “Que” SERA
Stave (off) FEND
Stuck-up sort SNOB
Thing cracked in the morning EGG
Thing in a sleeve ARM
Tickle pink ELATE
Trucker’s semi RIG
Understand, as facts GRASP
Untruthful one LIAR
Urge forward IMPEL
Vicinity AREA
Volcano’s ejection LAVA
What a watch reveals TIME
Word with “much” or “late” TOO
Written reminder NOTE