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Family Time – Jun 18 2018

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Clues Answers
“… in ___-horse open sleigh” AONE
“… ___ gloom of night …” NOR
“… ___ he drove out of sight …” ERE
“Affirmative!” YES
“Fee, fi, fo, fum” caller OGRE
“Yes” for a sailor AYE
Anger or fury IRE
Annual cable sports award ESPY
City near Denver AURORA
Clothes colorer DYE
Clutch in one’s talons GRASP
Come together for the boss MEET
Common beverage SODA
Common medicine (with “milk of”) MAGNESIA
Dairy-farm sound MOO
Decay into nothing ROT
Depend (on) RELY
Destroy RUIN
Doing nothing IDLE
Fish that can shock EEL
Fleeced item WOOL
Game with acting-out CHARADES
Guiding tower BEACON
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Happy GLAD
Hen’s production EGG
Hormone only in males ANDROGEN
Impulse URGE
It has pressing business? IRON
Latter-day one SAINT
Like a completed song SUNG
Long, dramatic story SAGA
Maiden-name indicator NEE
Clues Answers
Metal-bearing mineral ORE
Noah’s ship ARK
Not imaginary REAL
Old-school record player HIFI
Olympics country USA
One competing against you FOE
Opposite of her HIM
Place at risk ENDANGER
Popular card game GIN
Prefix with “house” PENT
Pronoun for all of us OUR
Regret RUE
Religious splinter group SECT
Seize by force USURP
Short golf stroke PUTT
Simple to do EASY
Skater’s figure? EIGHT
Soap bubbles SUDS
Something a director shouts PLACES
Something hackers steal DATA
Southern breakfast dish GRITS
Spot SEE
Strong cart DRAY
Thing to avoid in tennis NET
Transmitted SENT
Trap for a fly WEB
Type of dangerous snake ASP
U-turn from none ALL
Walked proudly STRODE
Was winning LED
Well-put APT
Whichever ANY
___-friendly USER