Family Time – Jun 2 2019

Clues Answers
“… and I’ll puff, and I’ll ___ …” BLOW
“And now, without further ___ …” ADO
“Easier said ___ done” THAN
“Fire” gem OPAL
“Green” sin ENVY
“Treasure Island” writer’s monogram RLS
“Turn right, mule” GEE
A 10th of 10 ONE
Abound TEEM
Abundant AMPLE
Air force unit WARPLANE
Assistant or helper AIDE
Assume for argument’s sake POSIT
Baleen whale food KRILL
Be in too much of a hurry RUSH
Become more muscular (with “up”) BULK
Belonging to that guy and that lady THEIR
Blvd. or st. kin AVE
Circle section ARC
Common lubricant OIL
Computer image ICON
Dazzle WOW
Deep anger IRE
Difficult burden ONUS
Dispatched SENT
Dog that’s not a pedigree CUR
Drink cooler ICE
Easter egg colorer DYE
Egg-hitting-floor sound SPLAT
First-rate AONE
Future embryos OVA
Gullible person SAP
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Knotts or Rickles DON
Leaky boat cause HOLE
Lot for Wednesday’s child WOE
Machine for shaping wood LATHE
Make spin WHIRL
Monastic garb COWL
Musical passage CODA
Not under OVER
Oater affirmative YEP
One 33-Across OVUM
One writing on glass ENGRAVER
Orange skin PEEL
Overnight camper’s need TENT
Pin’s place LAPEL
Popular mystery board game CLUE
Sharpen, as a knife WHET
Sledding site HILLSIDE
Society no-no TABOO
Spike on a woman’s shoe HEEL
Squirrel’s nest DREY
Taking too much interest USURIOUS
They may be up your sleeves ARMS
Three-legged seat STOOL
Touch borders with ABUT
Toward the sunset WEST
Trade SWAP
Twice-heard sound ECHO
Washington and ___ University LEE
Wine and dine WOO
You listen with it EAR
Your neck supports it HEAD
___ York NEW
___-cola COCA

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