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Family Time – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“‘Tis a pity!” ALAS
“And it ___ costs a million dollars!” ONLY
“I spy with my little ___ …” EYE
“Much ___ About Nothing” ADO
“Uh-huh” YES
“Where ___ you?” ARE
“___ on down the road” EASE
A chick’s mom HEN
A Great Lake ERIE
A pasta sauce PESTO
Accomplished, as a goal MET
Afternoon performance MATINEE
Angel topper HALO
At the highest point ATOP
Birds fly in it SKY
Blood circulation problem-maker CLOT
Busy person’s list TODO
Chicken ___ king (2 words) ALA
Chop into tiny pieces MINCE
Co-___ (some apartments) OPS
Cookie brand OREO
Do therapy for an injured elbow REHAB
Eluded a tag, in a way SLID
Emulate the Titanic SINK
Golf score PAR
Hammer and anvil location EAR
International defense org NATO
Late December song NOEL
Like a controlled lion TAME
Like an activated candle LIT
Like The Babylon Bee SATIRICAL
Maximizing suffix EST
Melonlike tropical fruit PAPAW
Mimic a primate? APE
Move away from the group STRAY
Much sooner than later NOW
Nevada city RENO
Neverland’s Peter PAN
Pack down TAMP
Paper fasteners STAPLES
Part of a pingpong table NET
Perpendicular building wings ELLS
Place at the bottom of Earth (2 words) SOUTHPOLE
Powerful little energy source ATOM
Praise to the skies EXALT
Prepare for a photo POSE
Quite elderly OLD
Remy from “Ratatouille,” for one RAT
Scotch strip TAPE
Scottish loch NESS
Some farm enclosures PENS
Some stately trees ELMS
Something a state adds on to a sale TAX
Sow or ewe pronoun SHE
Space between two close mountains GAP
Take someone’s words the wrong way MISUNDERSTAND
They hold many cars LOTS
Thing before a front porch STEP
Thing to answer (2 words) TELEPHONECALL
Total, in addition SUM
Very small WEE
Water awhirl EDDY
Wharf PIER
Wrapped present part BOW
Yank TUG
___ and circumstance POMP