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Family Time – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
“For Official ___ Only” USE
“If all ___ fails …” ELSE
“Or so it would ___” SEEM
Apple’s middle CORE
Be wrong ERR
Big head maker EGO
Border EDGE
Bulbed bloom IRIS
Cajun veggie OKRA
Calf in a range herd DOGIE
Citrus hybrid UGLI
Courageous BRAVE
DOS alternative UNIX
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Draft pick? ALE
Edit menu command REDO
Finish, as a puzzle SOLVE
Folk wisdom LORE
Gal’s opposite GUY
Gash memento SCAR
Grazing area LEA
Hand over, as land CEDE
Happen next ENSUE
Have a sore back ACHE
Hole-in-___ ONE
Inheritance source (2 words) GENEPOOL
Jellylike thickener AGAR
Keyboard key TAB
Loafer or pump SHOE
Long, long ___ AGO
Meat type VEAL
Mob enforcer GOON
Null and ___ VOID
Clues Answers
Opposite of exciting DULL
Outcome RESULT
Over again from the start ANEW
Person with a truck full of furniture MOVER
Petty quarrel SPAT
Plankton morsel ALGA
Potpie veggie PEA
Prison resident CON
Quite a bit LOTS
Release to the floor DROP
Richly appointed POSH
Say “it ain’t so” DENY
Sentence part VERB
Sharp spur wheel ROWEL
Short sleep NAP
Shortsighted MYOPIC
Simple joke GAG
Slimy stuff GOO
Sport played with mallets POLO
Super sticky stuff EPOXY
Swiss mountain ALP
Track competition MEET
Troublemaking child IMP
Tumultuous noise DIN
U-turn from female MALE
War areas in the news (2 words) HOTSPOTS
Was a conductor LED
What “+” means PLUS
Wonderland bird DODO
Worthless firecracker DUD
Young man LAD
___ and sciences ARTS
___ out (barely make do) EKE
___-dong (doorbell sound) DING