Family Time – Jun 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Has,” to Shakespeare HATH
“Hide and go ___” SEEK
“How ___ you getting that much meat out of one crab?” ARE
“Otherwise called” letters AKA
“To the max” suffix EST
“___ it or lose it” USE
A kimono sash OBI
A sleeve may cover it ARM
Achieve through hard work EARN
Amino is one ACID
Appear to be SEEM
Append or attach to ADD
Army outpost CAMP
Autograph tool PEN
Brazilian berry ACAI
Ceramic ovens KILNS
Certain savings plan type, for short IRA
Certain woodwind instrument OBOE
Chalky mineral TALC
Chamomile concoction TEA
Change the look of, as an apartment RESTYLE
Cheerleader’s word RAH
Construction girder type IBEAM
Cooler for 33-Down ICE
Dallas Cowboys’ emblem STAR
Deadly stinger KILLERBEE
Dynamite stuff TNT
Enclosed CASED
Ethiopian monetary unit BIRR
Exam type ORAL
Fish you might find in a Great Lake SMELT
Historical Chinese chairman MAO
Huge North American deer ELK
Image on a laptop desktop ICON
Important historical time ERA
Like mustard YELLOW
Littlest finger PINKIE
Molecule with genetic info DNA
Mornings’ moistures DEWS
One of two on a bike TIRE
One’s pay rate WAGE
Ostrich cousin RHEA
Part of a blossom PETAL
Place to buy magazines NEWSSTAND
Propel a small boat ROW
Republic in eastern Africa UGANDA
Require NEED
Ruiner of smooth plans SNAG
Set of steps over a fence STILE
Ship’s jail BRIG
Something given by a valedictorian SPEECH
Sound from a lamb BAA
St. Petersburg’s former name LENINGRAD
Strongly move, emotionally IMPASSION
There is a Diamond Head on it OAHU
Trendy HIP
U-turn from high LOW
Wall Street coupling MERGER
Welded together BONDED
Wing spread SPAN
Young person KID
___ Bear PAPA
___ out (barely got by) EKED

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