Family Time – Mar 11 2018

Clues Answers
“American ___” IDOL
Adam’s donation to Eve RIB
African 15-Across GNU
An addax or oryx ANTELOPE
Appropriate APT
Baby bottle part NIPPLE
Bank employee TELLER
Be introduced to someone MEET
Beet’s color RED
Before, in old poetry ERE
Bon ___ (witticism) MOT
Born, in bios NEE
Butter measure PAT
By mouth ORAL
Bygone days YORE
Chinchilla’s coat FUR
Cole ___ SLAW
Colleague PEER
Corn concoction PONE
Did some snacking ATE
Distinct vibe AURA
Fairy tale meany OGRE
Fall apple drink CIDER
Football kicker’s prop TEE
Give kudos LAUD
Gumbo need OKRA
High European mountain ALP
High-five, for one SLAP
His-and-___ license plates HER
History-book chapter ERA
Iced beverage TEA
Like Willie Winkie WEE
Clues Answers
Little troublemaker IMP
Lymph ___ NODE
Men, women and children PEOPLE
Monopoly roller DIE
More than a couple FEW
Noted seashore vendor SHE
On the endangered species list RARE
Onetime Winter Palace occupant TSAR
Opposite of tiny ENORMOUS
Overcome difficulties COPE
Persuade URGE
Pillager’s take LOOT
Place for experiments LAB
Place like a hotel INN
Pop, as a balloon BURST
Price-list word EACH
Scottish cap TAM
Soap ingredient LYE
Something a Girl Scout takes OATH
Sound from a cannon BOOM
Southpaw’s side LEFT
Spot of land in the ocean ISLET
Streak on a cheek TEAR
Table extender LEAF
Tackle box item LURE
The ___ Ranger LONE
Thing smaller than a molecule ATOM
Tough challenge for a bowler SPLIT
Up in the air IFFY
Very minor argument SPAT
Waiting area ANTEROOM
Walk back and forth PACE
Young swan CYGNET
Zoning unit measure, sometimes ACRE

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