Family Time – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
“Happily ___ after” EVER
“Watch out!” BEWARE
“You made that up!” LIAR
“___, Caesar!” AVE
A word from Jack’s giant FIE
At a great distance AFAR
Backtalk SASS
Barbershop service TRIM
Before, poetically ERE
Boat for pairs ARK
Boxer’s wear ROBE
Came down with HAD
Cart used for hauling goods DRAY
Choral piece MOTET
Church shout AMEN
Come back from behind to win RALLY
Desperation guess STAB
Evening affair SOIREE
Filleted fish or foot part SOLE
Football holder TEE
Garden tool RAKE
Junior, to senior NAMESAKE
Land measurement ACRE
Lion’s home DEN
Make a wager BET
Office note MEMO
One ___ customer PER
One-___ street WAY
Part of a badminton court NET
Part of a fence GATE
Peeper EYE
Permit LET
Clues Answers
Piece of office furniture DESK
Porky’s pad STY
Prefix with “legal” or “medic” PARA
Pull hard YANK
Related AKIN
Self-satisfied SMUG
Sewer rodent RAT
Sharer’s pronoun OURS
Showy peacock feature TAIL
Six-toed Aussie EMU
Snatched TOOK
Spread out, as the fingers SPLAY
Start of a countdown, often TEN
Stash away STOW
Stress to excess OVERDO
Stretched tight TAUT
Suffix with magnet ISM
Suited to the task APT
Sushi fish EEL
Suspicious WARY
Take a number from another SUBTRACT
The Lord GOD
The one right here THIS
Tool to make holes AWL
Top-notch AONE
Verbal ORAL
Walk the floor PACE
Weaver’s willow WICKER
What nothing is better than BEST
Wild animal’s trail SPOOR
With no defeats UNBEATEN
Witness SEE
Workshop clamp VISE
Wry expression MOUE

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