Family Time – Mar 18 2018

Clues Answers
“Ode on a Grecian ___” URN
“___ Trek” STAR
100, IQ-wise NORM
African expedition SAFARI
American Olympic team USA
Among AMID
Battery or folic ACID
Be messy with paint SPLATTER
Bit of a bloom PETAL
Bit of a fairy tale trail BREADCRUMB
Border on ABUT
Card game shout GIN
Char the surface SEAR
Cheerios grain OAT
Choir song HYMN
Common Asian grain RICE
Destination in Mali TIMBUKTU
Do the reverse of sink RISE
Dog’s foot PAW
Door unlocker KEY
Ewe’s babe LAMB
Fudged the facts LIED
Give nourishment to FEED
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Groups with trombonists (2 words) BRASSBANDS
Hand-played drum BONGO
Insect stage LARVA
It gets into hot water (2 words) TEABAG
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Maple fluid SAP
Mas’ spouses PAS
Clues Answers
Mountainous high point ALP
Musical note between fa and la SOL
Nail crusher HAMMER
Neighbor of Sudan UGANDA
News, old-style TIDINGS
Not him HER
Not the present or future PAST
Opposite of received GAVE
Organized like a spreadsheet TABULAR
Paint a picture with words LIMN
Paving material TAR
Person with a nose in the air SNOB
Piece of living room furniture SOFA
Pre-release software version BETA
Private retreat SANCTUM
Psyche component EGO
Ridicule or berate ASSAIL
Scottish headgear TAM
Sign of things to come OMEN
Sign on a bathroom door MEN
Song for one SOLO
Strange sighting in the sky UFO
Tell secrets BLAB
Thing made in the morning BED
Thing to do in church WORSHIP
Three-person band TRIO
Tissue additive ALOE
Tupperware top LID
Western movie plot element AMBUSH
What all people are HUMAN
Years of life AGES

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