Family Time – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
“Beware the ___ of March” IDES
“Fire” gem OPAL
“Friends” character ROSS
“I hate to ___ and run” EAT
“Turn right, mule” GEE
1.3-ounce Asian weight TAEL
A different you (2 words) ALTEREGO
Add more workers HIRE
Adirondack chair part SLAT
Agitated (3 words) UPINARMS
Airline regulating org FAA
Athletic center GYM
Bake eggs SHIRR
Barnyard biddy HEN
Basketball net holder RIM
Beautiful PRETTY
Bit of hair TRESS
Canadian coin bird LOON
Cape in Massachusetts ANN
Catch a wave SURF
Cinderella’s dance BALL
Collector’s collection, sometimes ART
Computer memory unit BYTE
Con game SCAM
Crossword hint CLUE
Do undercover work SPY
Editor’s removal mark DELE
Find a purpose for USE
Flag down, as a cab HAIL
Fore and ___ AFT
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Fully grown nits LICE
Golf score standard PAR
Gown fabric TULLE

Clues Answers
Grows older AGES
Heavy overcoat ULSTER
Hung around outside a store LOITERED
Hunk of dirt CLOD
Iran currency RIAL
Large, round hairstyle AFRO
Mas’ husbands PAS
Mythical Greek god of war ARES
Nicholas I was one TSAR
On-off connector AND
Ornamental vase URN
Part of a staircase STEP
Perform in a play ACT
Pigeon sound COO
Play a guitar STRUM
Poker variety STUD
Regret RUE
Relaxing place to get steamed SPA
Remark from a butterfingers OOPS
Small turnover of veggies and meat SAMOSA
Snake that bit Cleopatra ASP
Soda with caffeine COLA
Soft powder TALC
Spoonful (Abbr.) TSP
Steer gone wild STAMPEDE
Suffix with fast EST
Tea variety ICED
That young lady SHE
Thing stuck to paper TAPE
Turner and Williams TEDS
Untidy situation MESS
Wearing footwear SHOD
Window glass section PANE
With “Rift,” a VR headset OCULUS

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