Family Time – Mar 19 2023 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
“Better late ___ never” THAN
“Casey at the ___” BAT
“It’s us against ___” THEM
“Th-th-that’s ___, folks!” ALL
“___ there, matey!” AHOY
“___ we there yet?” ARE
A chip off the old flock? SECT
Attempt TRY
Bad-tempered MEAN
Blunt, verbally OUTSPOKEN
Body-bending exercise YOGA
Border EDGE
Brick holder HOD
Captain foe of Peter Pan HOOK
Ceiling on insurance increases (2 words) RATECAP
Church area APSE
Clumsy character DOLT
Consume EAT
Cream-filled cookie OREO
Decorate using acid, as glass ETCH
Do some arithmetic ADD
Enjoy a hot tub BATHE
Extreme anger RAGE
Eye swatter? LASH
Fire residue ASH
Have a seat SIT
Hawk’s weapon TALON
Heist haul LOOT
Hold on to KEEP
Ink holder PEN
It may have a combination LOCK
Jack-Jill link AND
Keyboard instrument with whistles CALLIOPE
Like emergency measures DRASTIC
Like summer days HOT
Little rapscallion IMP
Made bubbles BLEW
Map of building lots PLAT
Neutral color TAN
One-third of six TWO
Opera solo ARIA
Opposite of against FOR
Perform in “Shrek the Musical” ACT
Phonograph of 1906 VICTROLA
Pigeon sound COO
Place for experiments LAB
Program for formatting text (2 words) WORDPROCESSOR
Punching tool AWL
Run ___ of the law AFOUL
Spigot TAP
Stop sleeping WAKE
The “Y” in FYI YOUR
Tibetan ox YAK
Use one’s scull ROW
Use the fitting room (2 words) TRYON
Valentine’s Day theme LOVE
Vermont harvest SAP
Verse of praise ODE
Vowel for Plato IOTA
Was on a bus RODE
Weep or cry SOB
Writer’s inspiration (28-Down is one of the mythological nine) MUSE
Years ___ (in the past) AGO
___ de foie gras PATE
___ school (precollege institution) PREP

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