Family Time – Mar 25 2018

Clues Answers
“Be it ___ so humble …” EVER
“Beware the ___ of March” (“Julius Caesar”) IDES
Ahead of its time (2 words) AVANTGARDE
Air, to a jet engine INTAKE
Another type of hair application GEL
Ardent, as some fans AVID
Attention-getting light material NEON
Bad aroma ODOR
Battle between nations WAR
Break, as a horse TAME
Close to NEAR
Completely make over REDO
Currency of Albania LEK
Decoratively fancy ORNATE
Divider’s word INTO
Drink loved by the Brits TEA
Enthusiastic vigor ELAN
Envision SEE
Fizzy drink SODA
Floor measurement AREA
Foldable bed COT
Fragrant oil from flowers ATTAR
Gauge on a car’s dashboard ODOMETER
Great anger IRE
Guide for the lost MAP
Hair application POMADE
Hard-to-please type FUSSPOT
History book chapter, sometimes ERA
In one’s birthday suit UNCLAD
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Invisible to the naked eye TELESCOPIC
Clues Answers
It gives a hoot OWL
Kitchen vessel POT
Miniature sweet pie TARTLET
Musical instrument with hammers CELESTA
Narrated TOLD
Neither’s partner NOR
Not even twice ONCE
Not shallow DEEP
Old monetary unit of Italy LIRA
Old-style commotion ADO
Opposite of good EVIL
Part of an envelope FLAP
Pinhead TWIT
Production with singing only OPERA
Resembling swine PORCINE
Round hammerhead PEEN
Soothing balm ALOE
Soprano’s solo ARIA
Speaker systems, briefly PAS
Stockholm is its capital SWEDEN
Suitable APT
To and ___ FRO
Tough pitch to hit SLIDER
Tract of wet ground MIRE
Type of duck EIDER
Type of soft powder TALC
Utopian’s vision IDEALISM
Video’s opposite AUDIO
Was out in front LED
Washington and ___ University LEE
Word attached to “my” or “your” SELF

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