Family Time – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
“Little Bo-Peep ___ lost …” HAS
“___ we forget” (Kipling) LEST
“___-ching!” CHA
Alias letters AKA
Anyone like you PEER
Avian songster WREN
Barrel bottom bit DREG
Beethoven piece SONATA
Bovine product BEEF
British flying grp RAF
Cajun cooking pod OKRA
Charging, in a way IONIZING
Classic Hoagy Carmichael song STARDUST
Continues to have birthdays AGES
Corn eater’s leftover COB
Created MADE
Darkened with smoke and grime DINGY
Decorator’s creation MOTIF
Dishonest statements LIES
Easter egg colorer DYE
Eastern housemaid AMAH
Fore and ___ AFT
Formalwear for men TIES
Frequently, to Shakespeare OFT
Fudge ___ ice cream RIPPLE
Get by working EARN
Half a score TEN
Hit with a laser gun ZAP
Horseradish condiment WASABI
Insignificant amount IOTA
Jet-black gem ONYX
Justice Dept. agency FBI
Clues Answers
Learning-by-memorization method ROTE
Legal wrongdoing TORT
M or F SEX
Main point GIST
Name tags, for short IDS
Not false TRUE
Not wet DRY
Notre ___ University DAME
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
One’s successor TWO
Opposite of nay YEA
Paving material TAR
Performance extension ENCORE
Petri dish layer AGAR
Place for a football pad KNEE
Proof of a fire ASH
Related AKIN
Rotated SPUN
Sailing on the Pacific Ocean ASEA
Sandpaper coating GRIT
Seize forcibly WREST
Ship’s framework HULL
Sign of the future OMEN
Simple EASY
Tin Woodman’s quest HEART
Tree decorated in December FIR
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Try to persuade URGE
Watch face DIAL
What Sicilians are ITALIANS
Where cold cuts are cut DELI
Wingless extinct bird MOA
Winter ailment FLU
___ Aviv TEL

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