Family Time – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
”The best is ___ to come!” YET
”What ___ you up to?” ARE
Adjust a piano TUNE
African country UGANDA
Auto plate TAG
Bath locale TUB
Be an omen of BODE
Bearded flower IRIS
Bill with Lincoln’s portrait FIVE
Bitterly regret RUE
Burn treatment BALM
Call maker PHONE
Cap worn with a kilt TAM
Capable ABLE
Chinchilla’s coat FUR
Donkey relative BURRO
Easily swayed PLIANT
Farmland measure ACRE
Fateful day in the Roman senate IDES
Female swan PEN
Fight hand-to-hand GRAPPLE
Fountain order MALT
Gray shade TAUPE
Grocery unit BAG
Hard water ICE
Hawaiian dance HULA
Herb in the mint family HYSSOP
Horn honk TOOT
How some things are noted DULY
June 14 (2 words) FLAGDAY
Kernels on cobs CORN
Clues Answers
Like any desert ARID
Luxurious massage place SPA
Marry a lady WIVE
Maximally dry, as a land SERE
Mental impairment DEMENTIA
Nautical rope HAWSER
Not feel so good AIL
Not home AWAY
Opera feature ARIA
Painter’s workplace ATELIER
Perform a role ACT
Powerfully persuasive COGENT
Protection from glare SUNGLASSES
Record player HIFI
Refrigerator freshener (2 words) BAKINGSODA
Repo man’s document LIEN
Ruby or diamond GEMSTONE
Sailor’s word of agreement AYE
Shined brightly SHONE
Sick ILL
Sound like a pigeon COO
Stabilizing structure on a ship KEEL
Streaking space item COMET
Take back, as a statement RETRACT
This one plus that one BOTH
Tract of open pasture LEA
Triple or homer HIT
Twosome PAIR
Verb in IOU OWE
Word with ”high pressure” AREA
___-pong PING

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