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Family Time – March 10 2019

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Clues Answers
“Are we there ___?” YET
“The Wonder Dog” of comics REX
“___ I’m told” (2 words) ORSO
“___ the season …” TIS
18-wheeler, briefly SEMI
A fine cotton PIMA
Admit openly AVOW
Ambition DREAM
And others, in a list ETAL
Any polyhedron having 12 plane faces DODECAHEDRON
Archers take it AIM
Astronaut Grissom GUS
Baseball official UMP
Big city in Israel TELAVIV
Bit of plastic surgery (2 words) NOSEJOB
Boiled with anger SEETHED
Bolt securer NUT
Bro’s female counterpart SIS
Broad valley DALE
Cause of a rash reaction? SUMAC
Cereal Tiger TONY
Color changer DYE
Decay ROT
Deep-sleep state REM
Enjoy a taco EAT
Entertaining pair DUO
First garden EDEN
Fuss or bother ADO
Gibson of Hollywood MEL
Hair application GEL
Heap praise upon LAUD
It may yield a new rating REEVALUATION
Jason’s mythical ship ARGO
Jelly alternative JAM
Left on the bridge APORT
Lengthens EXTENDS
Long river of Africa NILE
Lyric poems ODES
Makeover REDO
Man-made silk RAYON
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano) KEA
Mere commoner PLEB
Native Arizonan HOPI
New York baseball player MET
Opposite of tidy MESSY
Past tense of “is” WAS
Potent alcoholic beverage ALE
Prepare to burn rubber REV
Puts to work USES
Ripened with time AGED
Roth acct IRA
Sign of things to come OMEN
Slangy agreement YEAH
Small dollar bills ONES
Some checkers pieces REDS
Something a bank offers LOAN
Spot with the eyes SEE
Tach reading RPM
Tuna container CAN
Varieties of seaweed KELPS
Venetian coin of old LIRA
Wee amount IOTA
Wet-dry ___ VAC
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Wine in Italian VINO
___ and vigor VIM