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Family Time – March 17 2019

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Clues Answers
“… ___ the ramparts …” OER
“7 Faces of Dr. ___” LAO
“It’s never ___ late” TOO
“The ___ Trail” (1942 Western) OMAHA
“___ Gotta Be Me” IVE
100-yard dash, for one RACE
A Pueblo people HOPI
A word from Scrooge BAH
Bigger than large HUGE
Boxing official REF
Carpenter’s cutter SAW
City of Brotherly Love PHILADELPHIA
Cleveland’s state OHIO
Crunchy water ICE
Cut with a surgical beam LASE
Driver’s gauge TACH
Eubie of jazz BLAKE
Good source of protein TOFU
Green vegetable PEA
Had pudding ATE
Hammer and anvil location EAR
Hillary Clinton’s daughter CHELSEA
Item in a stirring picture? SPOON
Jemison the astronaut MAE
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Lemon skin PEEL
Like some bonds (abbr.) MUN
Lion’s sound ROAR
Loud laugh YUK
Many PTA members DADS
Mimic or copier APER
Montreal’s railway METRO
Nay’s opposite YEA
Need liniment ACHE
Noisy type of dance TAP
Pale-looking ASHY
Part of a circle ARC
Pelvic bones ILIA
Pie a la ___ MODE
Place for sharks SEA
Potato ___ (snack item) CHIP
Prepares to resend, as a gift REWRAPS
Quiet down HUSH
Remain patiently ABIDE
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Sine ___ non QUA
Small freshwater fish CHUB
St. alternative AVE
Stout arctic bird AUK
Strange sci-fi sighting UFO
The good life EASE
The thought that counts? IDEA
Time from stimulus to response (2 words) LATENTPERIOD
To and ___ FRO
Tripe ROT
Troubling sign OMEN
Type of alcohol ETHYL
Type of leap QUANTUM
U-turn from bottom TOP
Venomous reptile ASP
Wager BET
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
___ mater ALMA
___ Piper PIED
___ serif (type style) SANS